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Your Roofing Systems don’t always have to be unsafe, unprotected, and expensive. Herewith us at Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater, we can give you the full guarantee that you’ll not just have the best Metal Roofing Systems you can, but also be assisted by the best and the most experienced experts in the industry.

We’re Clearwater, Florida’s most trusted Metal Roofing Guys, servicing the residential, commercial, and industrial markets. Whatever type of Metal Roofing you need, whether it’s for Installation, Retrofitting, or a Complete Metal Roof Replacement, you can bank and count on us.

The Metal Roofing Service you can get from us exceeds all the expectations of clients. We’re not just the most talented and the most dedicated Metal Roofing Contractors you’ll work with, we are also the most professional, the most reliable, and the most trustworthy.

Built on the Trust of Our Clients

Seeing the incompetency and inconsistencies of some Metal Roofing companies and contractors, the founders of Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater built the company with one straight goal – to be able to provide quality Metal Roofing Systems to property owners in Clearwater. Our name quickly spread throughout the outskirts of the city, and soon, we extended our services even to neighboring towns and cities. The clients we work with give their full trust to us – and they weren’t wrong in doing so. As a matter of fact, they trust our Metal Roofing Experts so much that they leave them with the planning themselves.

Being exposed to the industry for more than a decade placed us in a position where we’re seen and deemed as the go-to company for all the Metal Roofing queries home and commercial property owners have. Over time, we train our Metal Roofing Experts and Professionals rigorously. We train them with the product, the service, the procedures, and ultimately – how they should act when around a client. The professionalism that we inculcate in them is one of the many reasons why we remain atop the industry’s ladder.

Why Choose Metal Roofing?

Contrary to what most people believed in, Metal Roofing is not the reason why your home is always hot. It might be because of the non-insulation of it. In addition to that, cement walls tend to gather and stir up heat, distributing them towards the house.

Metal Roofing is, in fact, the most weather-resistant type of roof. It allows heat to be bounced back to a different location, doing its job to keep the space of your property fresh and ventilated. You will never have any problems when you choose it as your Roofing System.

In fact, here are some of the reasons why you should always choose Metal Roofing:

Since they block off heat, they can keep your entire property well-ventilated, resulting in you gaining a reduction in the costs of your electricity bills. You can actually conserve energy by using metal roofs to a point where you can contribute to the wellness and the overall good condition of the environment!

Isn’t Metal Roofing the most expensive type of roofing there is? That is true and correct. However, most people fail to realize that their price definitely answers up for all the costs of maintenance, repair, and the like. They’re cost-effective because once they’ve been set up and installed properly, you need very little action to maintain it. They’re self-sustaining and they wouldn’t require regular checkup and maintenance services.

Metal is the hardest variant that you can have for your Roofing System. This makes them the most durable material you can put. They’re so durable that they can withstand the extremities of temperature – whether it’s snowing, hailing, heavy raining, or if it’s too hot, they wouldn’t deteriorate as fast as asphalt does.

You know what they say, Metal Roofing Systems can last as long as your building or your property does. But, hey isn’t that a false statement? Yes and no. Yes because it can actually last as long as your building or your property.

No, because there are select times when they last LONGER than your property. That’s how long-lasting and how strong Metal Roofing Systems are.

Our Services

Here at Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater, we allow our clients to enjoy a myriad of services that they can get. We’re not just limited to providing the usual Metal Roofing Installation and Replacement, as a matter of fact, you can also entrust to us the following services that you might be in need of:

Metal Roofing-Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater
Corrugated Metal Roof-Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater
Standing Seam Metal Roofing-Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater
Tapered Panels Metal Roof-Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater
Metal Tile Roof-Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater
Metal Shingle Roof-Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater
Metal Roof Repair-Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater
Metal Roof Replacement-Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater
Re-Roofing (Retrofitting) Metal Roofs-Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater
Commercial Metal Roofing-Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater
Residential Metal Roofing-Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater
New Construction Metal Roofing-Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater
Stone-Coated Steel Roofing-Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater
Metal Roofing Systems-Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater
Metal Roofing Contractors-Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater

Free Roof Inspection

So you currently own a property and you’re not too sure what you need to do with its Roofing System. Do you remove the current roofing system entirely and replace it with something new? Or do you cover it up through the process of Re-Roofing or Retrofitting? Which is one the best option for you?

There are a few different ways of determining when you should replace your roof completely. Some of which include:

  • If the damage to your roof is already severe and is non-recoverable through a simple retrofitting service
  • If your electricity or utility bills have surged and increased while you did nothing differently
  • If the membranes of your roofing system are slowly coming off, deteriorating

Should you be experiencing any of this, it might be time to replace your Roofing System. But if you have the slightest of hope, you can get the Free Roof Inspection service that we offer here at Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater.  Yes, we can check up on your roof and see whether or not it can still be replenished and amended. We have a checklist that specifies what we look at. You will never have any doubts in terms of what you need to do because the Free Roof Inspection feature we have can give you the best recommendation of what the next best course of action you need to take would be!

Why Choose Us?

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose us to be the Metal Roofing Contractor to work with. Apart from the fact that we currently employ the best, the most talented, and the most dedicated teams of Metal Roofing Experts and Consultants, you can also count and bank on us in terms of the availability of our service!

We work ‘round the clock and we can help you in emergency situations. You will never be able to find this particular service with other Metal Roofing Contractors.

Variety of Metal Roofing Systems to Choose From

Out of all the services we offer, you can enjoy and freely choose what best fits your need. When and how would you know the perfect Metal Roofing System for your property?

There are several steps that we allow our clients to take helping them choose which Metal Roofing System they need.

Should you be wary of the size and the overall design of your roof; and if you want your roof to run long directly to the eave from the top of your roof, Standing Seams Metal Roofs would be the perfect Roofing System for you!

With its fasteners hidden, the panel would be clipped directly to the roof deck. You can choose from our wide range of panels, which include a mechanical seam, a batten panel, a fastened flange, and the like.

If you want your style to be emphasized, but you want to keep the durability of your roofing system, Metal Tiles would be the best option for you.

Other than the fact that they are the cheapest to transport, they are also easy to install. Should you have worries about when the next natural disaster would come, Metal Tiles would be the best.

  • They’re lightweight and they’re made from non-combustible materials
  • Structure-wise, you’ll never have a problem when a quake happens – you wouldn’t be caught up under a large and a heavy area of concrete
  • You can easily dismantle them should you choose a new Metal Roofing System

If you are the type of property owners who is looking for a Roofing System that requires little maintenance, then the Tapered Panels Metal Roofs would be the perfect system for you.

They’re perfect for any weather, and you don’t really have to think about its maintenance. The large and spacious panels that these Tapered Panels Metal Roofs have are always going to keep all types of material from falling in between the panels.

Similar to the usual Asphalt Shingles, Metal Shingle Roofs are made overlapping with one another. It is the perfect solution if you’re looking for an easy and a flexible Roofing System without endangering its functionalities.

It’s technically just like an Asphalt Shingle Roof – just made out of metal. There really isn’t any problem with it, in fact, it might just be what you have been looking for. The benefits of Metal Roofing Systems go in the same way as Metal Shingle Roofs. Adding the advantage that they’re shingles instead of one big slab of metal.

Metal Roofs that are Stone-Coated can give you the flexibility of utilizing Metal Roofs, with an added layer of abrasives in them. With this come the usual benefits of Metal or Steel Roofs which include:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Versatility and Flexibility
  • Durability and Long-Lasting Properties
  • Energy Efficiency

If you think that you’ll be going through some harsh and extreme weather, going with Stone-Coated Metal Roofs would be the perfect solution. The abrasive coating on its exterior can add to the durability of it, making it wear, fire, rain, and ice resistant.

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Whether you’re busy about your construction project and you need a Metal Roofing Contractor to always be with you at times of need; or if you are looking for a Metal Roofing Contractor to help you with your residential property, Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater is just one call away.

You can contact us through our email address or through our hotline and you will never have idle time. We work and operate how you want us to and we can give you the guarantee of a full-on and comprehensive type of service. Talk to us and our experts, here at Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater and put a permanent solution to the problems you are having with your Roofing System! Get the opportunity to experience premium-quality services without spending a fortune on it!

Time to Replace Your Roof? We Can Help

Considering roofing replacement? When it comes to roofing projects, many homeowners rely on professionals to get the job done. At Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater, our specialists stick to all the industry standards when installing metal roofing on both residential and commercial properties. Therefore, you can be sure of getting a sturdy roof on top of your house. As a result, you can get the best services from our company in the following fields;

What Locations do we Serve?

Elite Metal Roofing Contractors of Clearwater is a name you can trust and rely on. Our metal roofing services were limited in Clearwater, FL when we started. But with time our company has expanded and is now serving over ten locations within Florida.

It shows how reliable we are. Here are some places within Florida, where you can access our world-class metal roofing services: –

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